Q. Is there a “rent to own” option?
A. No. This program is a rent only program, which keeps the costs low.

Q. What is the minimum term to rent art?
A. The minimum term for renting art is 1 year, (although we do rent to the Film and TV Industry for shorter time periods as needed).  However, the longer the rental agreement, the better your rates. A longer agreement will also allow you to swap out art, to change up the décor in your space.

Q. What are the costs associated for renting art?
A. The costs for renting art will vary depending on the length of the agreement and the volume of the art chosen. The rates will vary between 2% and 5% of the value of each piece, per month. 

Q. How do I begin the process of renting art?
A. The process of renting art begins by scrolling through the Gallery on the site and finding pieces that interest you. Contact us through the contact link on the site using the Inventory Numbers provided to identify each piece. We can also arrange a viewing of the art in our private Gallery located in the downtown core in Calgary.

Q. Whom is responsible for delivering and installing the art?
A. Professional Delivery and Installation Services are provided with each rental agreement.