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All over the world, hotels and those in the hospitality industry have taken advantage of the benefits that come with using art as interior décor in their suites and common areas. Some hotels, such as The Chambers Hotel in New York City boast unique art installations on each floor. Others, like The Thief Hotel in Oslo, display large show-stopping conversation pieces – including originals of Richard Prince and Damian Hirst. In any case, featuring art in your hotel is a clear path towards attracting new guests and encouraging repeat stays.

It doesn’t take long to realize that having art in your hotel not only gives guests the aesthetic experience they are looking for, it also gives them the opportunity to share that experience with their social circles. We are living in a connected time – a time where unless you post a picture (or ten) about your travels and adventures it might as well have not happened. It may seem extreme, but studies show “that the primary role of photography has shifted from commemorating special events and remembering family life, to a way of communicating to our peers, forming our own identity, and bolstering social bonds”. If that isn’t enough incentive to motivate you to create a share-worthy aesthetic experience at your hotel, you should know that “consumers trust their friends’ recommendations seven times more than conventional advertising”. For hotels, this means that when someone posts or shares their experience of your brand within their social circle what they say and share is considered much more credible than what your hotel does. 

By adding art to your hotel, you are also encouraging the space to be a destination, not just a place to crash after a day of sightseeing. The 21C Museum Hotels, in the United States, feature a contemporary art exhibition space that is free to the public. This museum space is attached to the hotel and restaurant. You don’t have to go this far though to encourage patrons to visit your hotel, or make use of its services (restaurants, cafes, spas). You can add art to the lobby of your hotel as well. The Hotel St. George features a dragon in the entrance lobby be renowned artist Ai Weiwei. In Calgary, the Hyatt Regency featured a massive collection of local artists throughout the lobby and in suites. The Hyatt Regency also was an example of using art on display to “intrigue guests, help them learn more about the local culture, understand its history and obtain a visual connection with the place they are visiting”. 

One of the barriers many hoteliers face in adding captivating art to their hotels is the high cost of original artwork ownership. Not all hotels can afford multiple Warhols or a 13 storey high painting (The Conrad, New York City). However, the solution is not out of reach – your hotel can rent art that will make your guests feel connected to the space and place. Reflections West Art provides fine art rentals of original works by renowned local artists. Whether your hotel is in desperate need of conversation pieces, like our Cherise Mia’s, or if you want to highlight the beauty of Canada by featuring a few Bern Will Brown’s, we have many choices for you that will give you all the benefit of artwork at a fraction of the cost.

In the word’s of controversial artist, Romero Britto – “art is too important not to share”. Let us help you make your hotel worth sharing.

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